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His Heavily Fictionalized Bio:  
Sanitized Version The Unsavory Bits He Left Out...
Full Name: Daniel Charles Carver










AKA: "Ugly John", "Wraith", "Hey-You-Don't-Touch-That-Butto..."
Born: Latter Half of the Last Century And what a century it was, two world wars, the atomic bomb, Tiny Tim...do we sense a disturbing trend here?
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona Better known to its hapless denizens as Stinking Desert, Arizona.
Current Residence: Seattle, Washington  --
The Emerald City
So OK, it's a little wet.  And if anything sits for more than a day it grows a green coat of moss, mold , or both (the real reason it's called the "Emerald City").  Oh, and we don't have sunlight. We seem to be using some sort of bizarre florescent lighting scheme instead...
I grew up in the midst of the Sonoran Desert. By day nurtured by the abundant warmth of the Arizona sun. By night serenaded by the sonorous howls of coyotes.  Surrounded by exotic life, such as the majestic Saguaro cactus, I learned to love the spare beauty of the desert. Well, to be truthful, I grew up in a large sprawling city which had paved over any desert within 50 miles.  I'll probably be lucky if I don't disintegrate from skin cancer from the unrelenting sunlight that consistently pushed summer temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  As for coyotes, the only time I had any sort of real encounter, they tried to eat me.  And did you know that a falling Saguaro cactus can (majestically) squash a man flatter than a possum caught in a trash compacter? (I've seen pictures... shudder). In fact just about everything in the desert is poised to do something horrible to you. Rattlesnakes. Scorpions. Centipedes. Tarantulas. Gila monsters. Jumping cactus. Vinegaroons (need I say more). As for the exotic life, they rezoned most of it out of business years ago...
I began gaming at a very early age and designed my first game at age 12.  I gamed my way through High School at Camelback High and college at Arizona State.  Many years of intense research and study in my chosen calling followed.  Actually the phrase "unhealthy addiction" seemed to trip off my elders' tongues with great regularity.  And "gaming" my way through school is open to many interpretations.  The most popular one being to substitute the word "scamming" for "gaming".  Some were uncharitable about my years of intense research, pronouncing it, "an incomprehensible waste of a perfectly good brain".  I'm sure my parents despaired of me ever finding gainful employment.  Little did they know...
Then in 1982 I met my wife to be, Lorelei Shannon, a budding horror writer. After a long engagement we were married in 1990.  Shortly thereafter we reluctantly bid the desert goodbye and moved to Oakhurst California where we both worked for Sierra-Online, she as a writer and designer and myself as a programmer and project manager. We met under incredibly romantic circumstances. Honest. She's right here reading over my shoulder and she'll tell you so.  She also wants me to point out that the budding thing cleared up years ago...  As for our departure from the stinking desert, well it hit 124 degrees that summer and we couldn't shake the dust off fast enough.  Despite, having a gaming job which actually paid decent money, many of my relatives still insisted that I didn't have a "real" job.  I just smiled wickedly and told them that the hearts and minds of their children were now mine to toy with.
After a two year stint at Sierra-Online we moved to Seattle where I went to work for the Microsoft games unit.  After several years we finally decided that the time was right for kids.  Fenris Rowan Carver was born in 1996 and his brother Orion Vincent followed in 2000. It's interesting how often terms usually reserved for prison sentences crop up amongst old Sierra alumni.  I actually learned a lot there and met some very cool folks.  My wife, once again reading over my shoulder, has suggested that I refrain from the usual quips about biological clocks and "deer in the headlights" syndrome.
We now live on the outskirts of Seattle in the small town of Issaquah, in the Tiger Mountain area.  We have two dogs and an immortal goldfish.  I continue to design games, Lorelei writes (you can follow her endeavors at www.psychenoir.com), Fenris invents things, and Orion keeps us all smiling. Ah, beautiful Issaquah, once the site of a beautiful coal mining operation. As for Tiger Mountain, well they call it "Tiger" mountain, because "Cougar" Mountain was already used. That both names are apt is attested to by the occasional disappearance of the odd poodle or cat.  With regards to the goldfish: immortal isn't quite correct. "Undead" would be a better description. It's shuffled off the mortal coil several times and yet still swims the earth. Fenris is quite the little Mad Scientist. He wants to build rollercoasters when he grows up. This particular combination bodes ill for future thrill-seekers. Orion does indeed make us all smile. If we don't...he punishes us.

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