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The Rogues Gallery
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The Carver Family

(from the left, clockwize, Fenris, Dan, Lorelei, and Orion)

Yet Another Carver Family

Strangely they all have the same names that we do!

A Wedding Made in...

Well it was Halloween, we were dressed as vampires, and a Wiccan priestess presided over the ceremony. Somehow I don't think "Heaven" is the word we're looking for here...

Mom and Son

Waiting for a shoggoth to crawl out of the well. Of course they pushed it in first...

Lorelei Shannon

My favorite author in backcover photo mode.

A Girl and Her Hearse

Lorelei and Annabelle Lee, the 1947 Cadillac Hearse she is restoring.

Fenris Rowan Carver

Sorely torn between the light and dark sides of the Force...

Fenris Sans Tooth

He gets a perverse kick out of showing us how much they wiggle, just before they fall out. Blech.

Orion Vincent Carver

On the set of his most recent movie, The Thing That Would Not Devour Vegetables. He's both acting and directing.


He always smiles like this just before he strikes...

Fenris and a very young Orion

Fenris hasn't caught on yet that Orion isn't just some sort of weird Mr. Potato Head toy.

Boys and Carrots

Fresh carrots from Grandma's garden. (Now if only we could get them to eat them...)


It was either Easter eggs, or Easter heads, I forget which.

Mr. Toad

Why my sons will never be allowed near anything with wheels.


What can I say. They are my sons...

All Tuckered Out

After ruthlessly putting down a rebellion and enslaving most of the human race the exhausted pair conks out in a heap.

Carmen Dog

Looking typically suspicious.

Camen Closeup

Looking innocent

Carmen's True Aspect

Pig the Goldfish

Oddly enough he never shows up in any of the pictures we take of him. He doesn't cast a reflection either...


The #2 dog. I got her because she was a beutiful pup. As it turns out, a box of rocks has more brains...

Idgie, staring.

She probably thinks you have food. She thinks everyone has food.


Lorelei rescued Jetsam from some kids trying to drown her in the Fresno river. You've never met a sweeter animal.

Jetsam in her new Home

Jetsam lives with Fran, the boys' grandmother who spoils her deservedly.

Backyard -- Before

Before a landscaper attacked it with a machete and bulldozer.

Backyard -- After

Hey there was a yard in there somewhere afterall!

Snow Day

Proof that it does something other than rain in Seattle...

Annabelle Lee, Rock Star

Annie poses for an album cover.

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